Rescue Information

We currently do no have any available Irish Setters in our rescue program. Please contact Dan and Ann Graham at Butternut Creek Kennels if interested in adopting and be sure to submit the ISCM adoption application form.


ISCM’s Rescue Committee is available 24/7 to go wherever an Irish Setter is that needs to be removed from its present environment.  There are good reasons and bad reasons why a dog should be ‘rescued’, but it doesn’t matter what the reason is – we want the dog to be in a safe, non-threatening, and comfortable surroundings while a new ‘forever’ home is being sought.

RESCUE DOGS ARE GREAT DOGS TO BUY!  Many folks prefer to get an adult dog whose qualities have been determined.  Rescue dogs have been neutered and brought up to date with their immunizations.  A veterinarian has examined each dog, perhaps several times, and can speak to the overall health of the dog, and advise what medications are needed, if any.

Below are some pictures of Irish Setters currently in our Rescue Kennel or dogs that have been adopted.  Please call the Rescue Committee, 810-631-6024 , to discuss the possibility of buying a Rescue Dog.  You’ll be asked some questions about your home, your family, and your experience with dogs and cats in general, and Irish Setters in particular.  We’re not being nosey – we’re just trying to arrange the ‘perfect match’ for each of our Rescue Dogs.

Please read the ‘Description of the Breed’ on this website so you’ll be fully aware of what it takes to have a healthy and happy Irish Setter in your home.  We want every puppy buyer to be an educated buyer!

IF YOU KNOW OF A SITUATION THAT SUGGESTS ‘RESCUE’ MIGHT BE IN ORDER, please call 810-631-6024 to talk with a member of our ‘Rescue Committee’.

Photo’s of ADOPTED Irish Setters from our Rescue Program:

Browning going to his forever home
Rusty going home
Preston with his new parents